Saturday, February 11, 2012

Begin My Germany Trips

Where would you like to go?
Aha, the old individual question.  Each of us has our own personal preference and idea of where we want to go.  I do too.  Yes, I will enjoy your company as we discover Germany together ~ we begin to share many travel stories wandering off the beaten path through this country.  

My insider tip as we begin these travels, "There is so much to do even before you actually take a trip. Choose a new region and start learning all you can about it.  Include facts and trivia, don't forget to read local stories.  Close your eyes, and see the region with your own imagination."

For me, this is a personal journey as I discover a modern, invigorating country; one so very different from when my Grandmother left Germany over 100 years ago as a 26 year old woman by way of the German ship, Seydlitz, to come to USA.  I have never met my Grandmother, these trips I take now give me the chance to connect the dots with her past ~ the stories are through the eyes of her granddaughter.  

More to come ~ as we discover this region together!    

Auf Wiedersehen with a smile! 

"You've seen the sun flatten and take strange shapes just before it sinks in the ocean. Do you have to tell yourself every time that it's an illusion caused by atmospheric dust and light distorted by the sea, or do you simply enjoy the beauty of it?"
John Steinbeck (Sweet Thursday)

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